Month: June, 2012

3 steps

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A box of kisses

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I just got a wonderful package from the boy that contains some sinful but happy kinder hippo, Frucht-schleckies ( don’t really know what that is translated), hungry German youth poster (I am almost German could you tell?) and beautiful porcelain daisies (my fav kind). Ohh! And a box of air kisses (you can’t see it but I can!). The boy is the sweetest 😉






Scones and Tea

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I had a wonderful girls time at this English-Malaysian fusion cafe call Tea Pot Cafe in ss2. The scones there were amazing, topped with whipped butter and strawberry jam! On top of that, we ordered a slice of cheesecake and some petite egg sandwiches to share. The strawberry kiwi tea helped us wash down all the yummy food while we were talking about boys and life! It was definitely a beautiful evening!






Mail for the heart

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A beautiful postcard with a painting by Picasso.

My heart is Jetlagged.

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I have not heard a song that I could relate to so well. This is a dedication to all the long distance couples out there.

Make the world dance

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I don’t know whether you have heard of the twin YouTube stars call Jayesslee but they are amazing! I actually went to their concert in Kuala Lumpur with a couple of friends today! I was definitely blown away by their beautiful voices. Music is a strange thing. It touches hearts and moves people.


If you haven’t heard of them, check them out!

Coffee Stains

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I met up with some high school friends at a beautiful artisan cafe today. The great thing about this place is that it is 5 minutes away from me! super awesome! I walked into a dimly lighted cafe with some black board painted walls and cool looking menu. This cafe looks hippy and almost something like I would see in LA. The barista approached me and offered to surprise me with a drink. The coffee turned out to be something I enjoyed very much throughout the night. We also had some freshly baked cheesecake and lemon bars. The night was beautiful. It consisted of reminiscing old times, sharing new stories and leaving behind the coffee stains.





Epic Home

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I just registered for this volunteer event to build homes for the Orang Asli in Malaysia today! I am now in the wait list so please pray that people drop out! Previously, I have done a week in Miami for Habitat for Humanity building a home. I never knew there would be another chance especially in Malaysia! I am so happy to know that Malaysians are doing something great and creating changes in different ways. I am a proud Malaysian, for sure!

If you haven’t heard of it, check out their website! Super inspiring and epic!

Two happy moments

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It is not hard to put a smile on my face. Receiving mail from the boy and having yummy steamboat definitely did it for me today!


Grumpy old man, naughty cat and a funny fish. Super cute!


Two flavors steamboat: Tom yum and chicken soup.

(I only took the tom yum but it was so delish!)

Purple Fruit

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These are called mangosteens and only to be found in tropical countries! Purple on the outside and a little sour and sweet on the inside. super delish!