Borough Market

by funnylittlestories

Definitely one of the yummiest markets ever! We took the stop at London Bridge Station and walked about 200 meters to the market. It is under a big roof but there are also some stalls that are in the open air. The ambiance there is really chill and the place smells and looks amazing. That Saturday afternoon, we had the cheesiest lunch no one could ever imagine! A grilled cheese by Kappacasein ( made with shredded Montgomery cheddar, diced onions, garlic, and leeks smashed between poilane sourdough bread. In addition, we also had a cheesy potato by the same stall. The potatoes were a little boiled and a little grilled and then the melted Ogleshield cheese which you can see bubbling away as you wait is sliced onto the potatoes in front of you! It was served with the tiniest pickles ever (I am normally not a fan, but I ate it and loved it). To make ourselves feel a little better, we actually shared a plate of salad after. Good thing about sharing food is that we get to try a larger variety of food and share the calories intake as well! Oh man.. writing about the food is making me crave for it! I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to indulge in sinful pleasures. The day actually ended with some fresh produce for home, a good chai tea and a good walk in the area. 


PS* check out the scary looking blow fish!