Camden Market

by funnylittlestories

A few friends and I decided to venture off to Camden after hearing about its huge weekend market. The atmosphere in Camden is quite different from the rest of the markets I have been to. It is a little bit rough but young, with an alternative crowd! When you walk out from the tube station, you will notice a massive crowd and a bunch of small shopping stalls. That actually reminded me of Malaysia’s pasar malam (night market). haha. We definitely were not attracted to shopping but rather followed our noses and headed to where the food stalls were. Among the three of us, we shared a mac n cheese, deep fried oreos and I had a yummy comforting hot apple cinnamon drink after. To be honest, I quite like the feel of this market and would love to come back again.


All the different teas in cute little milk mugs at YumChaa, Camden
Would you have guessed that these are made from chocolates?