Trees are already bald in Denmark

by funnylittlestories

I spent the weekend over at one of my best friend’s place in a urban harbor area call Aarhus, Denmark. My first impression when we drove from the airport to downtown is that the entire place is so hilly and bare! There are so many undeveloped lands in the outskirts. Once in a awhile, you will catch a glimpse of a big house with sheep in their huge backyard. It is quite beautiful actually. The weekend consisted a lot of catching up over great food, wine, beer and amazing Swedish ciders. We strolled down the harbor, downtown, her university and stumbled upon so many beautiful old buildings that are over 100 years old. I enjoyed my time in their company and great hospitality.  The highlight of my trip has to be when we played in the pile of dried leaves close to the park! I sound like a kid i know but many have said that the best part of life is being a kid.

Aarhus is actually quite a young, creative town. This is where the cool kids hang out. Image
A famous Danish street artist’s work.
My last night there consisted of pigging out on Swedish cider, Danish sweets and Finnish licorice.

Anne and Thomas, Tak for din gæstfrihed!