It is finally the time of the year!

by funnylittlestories

A few of us decided to relax and explored around covent garden this evening after class. The entire place was filled with fairy lights and decorated with festival ornaments. As we were strolling down the streets, we were accompanied by merry Christmas music. It felt quite magical and exciting! We then rewarded ourselves with yummy woodfire baked pizza and famous ben’s cookies (If you ever come to London, you need to try Ben’s cookies! It is the best!). That was actually exactly what we needed after a long day in class. Thursdays are my longest days in the week; we start at 9sih in the morning and end at 6 in the evening. That’s a full working day! I am definitely looking forward to the holiday after my finals in two weeks.


Ohh.. Did I mention that it might start snowing this Monday? hehe. I am super excited!