Month: December, 2012

Land of bagpipes and kilts

by funnylittlestories

We are finally in Scotland after a 9 hour bus ride! Edinburgh is absolutely stunning and gorgeous! Pregaming before the Hogmanay street party to start off the new year ūüôā happy new year everyone!









Look whose in town!

by funnylittlestories


My best friend from California is finally here and will be here for about 3 weeks! We are off to Edinburgh in two days to celebrate the new years! Can’t wait! eeek!


by funnylittlestories

A friend just made me the happiest girl on earth by bringing me my favorite snack from America – Goldfish! If you have not tried them yet, you are missing out in life! They are the yummiest and best of all, they look like smiling fishes! I am already through half a packet. Don’t know what to do when it is empty!¬†


Not so white Christmas

by funnylittlestories

I was definitely expecting some snow this Christmas in London as it was as cold as -4 two weeks before. I am not disappointed per se, but rather thankful that it was a comfortable temperature to go outside! We did some turkey eating (for the boys)/ veggie lagsane for the vegetarians over at a friend’s place on Christmas eve. Two friends that visited and I just cuddled in on Christmas day as the entire city was shut down. I have never seen London so quiet and dead. It was pretty¬†bizarre! The rain outside must have contributed to the silence in downtown.

I must say, Christmas this year was very different from the last. Just looking back, it is crazy how much have changed in a year and where life has taken me. At this point in life, I think I am trying to find comfort in having faith.

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Delights of December.

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Lovely surprises have been coming in all December and I still have two to pick up from the post office! Have I mentioned that I love receiving mail? Old school mail is much better than email. I guess in that sense I am quite traditional! Merry Christmas everyone!


Rain Room

by funnylittlestories

-one of the most interesting exhibition that I have been to. We waited in line for about an hour and a half in the Barbican Center just to catch a glimpse of this rain room where it was rumored that we could control the rain. The experience was quite bizarre yet exciting. You walk into a a dark corridor and a brightly lit room where you see rain pouring from the ceiling. The entire room is bare and the focus is on the rain. Walking into the space surrounded by rain is pretty sick. Well, the rule is to walk slowly unless you plan on getting wet! It was definitely awesome and worth the wait (plus it is free to the public)! 


5 minutes.

by funnylittlestories

Thats how long it took me to write a message in the stocking for the staff, children and family who will be spending this holiday season in the Great Ormond Street Hospital. If you have a moment, click on the link below to spread some festive cheer to them!



Cupcakes for Charity

by funnylittlestories

I stumbled upon a friend promoting cupcakes for charity on facebook and decided to check it out. So basically, a group of three girls decided to raise funds for Harvest Center in Sentul, Malaysia (a center that provides educational programs for underprivileged children) by selling Christmasy cupcakes! The idea is great, cupcakes look delicious and it is all for a good cause, what could be better? I personally find it quite inspiring for these girls to be dedicating their time during this busy holiday season to help. Since I have been in grad school,  I find myself to be caught up in my daily routines and busy schedule. It is easy to forget about what is going on elsewhere and what you can do about it. I am definitely feeling motivated to do something (even just a little bit) to give back.

If you want some really delicious, yummy, loving cupcakes, check these cupcakes out!

Cafe art

by funnylittlestories

I probably have complained so many times about having to write two essays over this winter break and feeling a little bitter about it! Just to make my situation or rather holiday a tad bit more exciting, I’ve decided to explore and read in cafes. My exploration in Belsize park (North London) today had led me to a really cute artsy cafe! It was cozy inside with different kinds of tables and chairs, and displayed art from homeless people.
I positioned myself next to two adorable looking stuff animals, had English breakfast tea and read the entire afternoon while it was drizzling outside. I don’t need a lot to feel happy and contented. I am really glad with my adventure today and feeling really blessed to have found such a nice little place.








Everyone needs a lil love

by funnylittlestories

My days have been filled with so much warmth and love since Ashley moved in with me. I wake up to notes wishing me a happy day, coming home to a dark chocolate bar on my desk and I found this little surprise today.
Everyone definitely needs a little love everyday. It is such a blessing to be receiving love and giving love. Isn’t this the spirit of Christmas?
Go give a little lovin’ to your loved ones today ūüėČ