Finding beauty in the cold

by funnylittlestories

Today was probably one of the coldest days in London, for me at least. It was at freezing point the entire day and is in its minuses right now. Friends have told me how beautiful, exciting London is as well as warning me about the rainy, gloomy weather. I personally don’t think the rain is bad in London. However, I wasn’t quite informed about the winter here. Well, I guess I have established that I am not fit for the cold. I catch myself feeling down and upset whenever the temperature is below a comfortable level. It can be quite paralyzing, making me not want to do much. Maybe that’s why bears hibernate. At times, I also hear myself cursing (don’t mind me) and wondering why I brought myself here. It is really tough feeling cold like you’re about to freeze into a popsicle!

As I was walking home this evening, I realized how silly I was complaining all the time about the cold and hating on it. The hate messages have made my experience in London not so pleasant. I was a little taken aback by my anger. I tried putting myself in a different perspective, and realized that it is a blessing to be here and experiencing something entirely different. Winter isn’t about freezing in the cold temperature. It is about bundling up in thick, warm cozy sweaters and drinking hot cocoa. It is about the fun of walking slowly on icy walkways so you don’t fall. It is also about the excitement awaiting for the first snowfall.

Once I put myself in a different mindset, I realized I am learning to find meaning when life isn’t easy. I am practicing and I am a work in progress.

I cannot wait for spring.