We were on a hill!

by funnylittlestories

Last night, some friends and I decided to explore Hampstead Heath in the dark after pubbing (yes, I have adopted the English culture). The Garden Gate pub we went to was actually really nice, cozy and yummy! Ash and I had cider and chips! Quite English!
Right after dinner, we set off to the park with a cookie in our hands! It was quite scary as the entire park is so huge and unlit! Following my guidance, we did make it up to parliament hill just fine and saw the beautiful London city lights. We were all at awe.
For me, it sometimes can be overwhelming living in such a busy city. People are always rushing somewhere and places are constantly crowded. It is definitely a city that never, or rarely sleeps. Seeing the city from the hill did put me in a better perspective and more able to appreciate living in London.
Well the night ended with another pub session where some of us pretended to have the English accent! It was all in good fun and laugh.