Give a little love, get a little love

by funnylittlestories

It is funny when you try to notice different things in your daily life you start realizing and seeing more love in the world. Just today, I saw a cute old couple walking down the stairs in the tube station. The elderly man held a crutch in one arm and held the lady’s hand in the other. He was walking ahead and helping her down the steps. Once they both got to the bottom, he returned her the crutch and walked right next to her. Their gaze towards each other and communication was loving. It just makes me wonder how long they have been in love with one another, and want to know their life story (well, maybe that’s a little too much and creepy!). But this definitely¬†put a good taste in my mouth for the day. It also reminds me of a video I saw not too long ago.

A little love can go long way!