I am a psychology major.

by funnylittlestories

I get this a lot but I am sure other psychology students do as well. When I tell people/friends/strangers that I am studying psychology, one of the most common question they ask is ‘Can you read my mind?’. It is quite funny to be honest, the associations people have about psychology majors.

It wasn’t until I started my masters program that I understood where this perception came about. Sigmund Freud, one of the pioneers of psychology is definitely responsible for this. Many people who know a little about psychology or studying it may not have good impressions on him. Yes, he is the one that talked about interpreting dreams or that babies are in love with their parents etc. On the surface, it just seems so bizarre and ridiculous especially with the current psychology focusing on cognitive and neurodevelopment research. The more I am reading about him and into the early bit of psychology, I am understanding where he was coming from and the many contributions that he did. Reading through his papers was definitely not easy but guess what I did it (together with my cohort – we struggled).

My experience has taught me not only about persevering through difficult reads, but also not to be too quick to judge. It is easy to criticize something you don’t understood but take time and let it digest.

And back to reading minds, I do believe that psychology majors are actually more observant to human behaviors that may contribute to people’s perception of us!