A date with Tate

by funnylittlestories

People tell me London has gloomy, rainy weather but no one told me that I would experience different seasons in a day! It was sunny in the day, gloomy in the afternoon, rained and snowed in the evening and freezing at night. It was definitely an experience especially tracking back after a night out at 4am.

Yes, since I have lived in London, we talk about weather everyday!

Back to Tate. A friend and I decided to visit Tate modem spontaneously and I just realized that it was my first museum that I have visited in London! I am a fan of getting lost in museums. Tate had the upper section all free to the public which was nice and what we explored. They had some renaissance, contemporary paintings as well as photographs and a random little section of tribal dolls sponsored by McDonald’s! Haha. It was quite random and a little creepy looking. Overall the museum was nice to visit and there is another section exhibiting turner’s artwork (I am dying to go). It isn’t big compared to the other museums I have been to (e.g. Moma or the Getty) but really cozy.