Month: April, 2013

I set the ocean on fire.

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blue skies,


white line,

sun kiss.


Day 1

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Breakfast: Porridge (I cheated, I stole a bit of my honey, just a tiny bit)
Lunch: Pasta with mixed vegetables
Tea: Banana and three digestives
Dinner: More digestives

Day 1 started out alright and I felt pretty satisfied with my meals. There were moments where I had to turn away from ice cream and a cup of tea today. That was hard but I am proud I resisted. Living within such a tight budget definitely ain’t easy but manageable. It just requires a little bit more planning (of meals) and discipline. First day made me reflect on how it felt living within a small budget and walking away from things I normally would not even hesitate buying.

As tomorrow is the final exam day, we are all going out for dinner and drinks after. I am not too sure how that is going to work but I have prepared my meals in advance. I think I did a pretty good job with Day 2 lunch and dinner.


Baked potatoes and carrots with cayenne pepper, salt and pepper. Accompanied with boiled brocolli.

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Cheers 🙂

Not just any music

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There are different music for different people, a variety of moods or different times of the day. I would consider myself to have a wide taste in music, from indie rock to folk to dubstep to country music. Some tunes hold memories, while others let me forget and live in the moment. I am sure some of you can relate to that. I recently got introduced to this band by a really good friend who will be seeing them live. I started listening/watching their music videos and I may have fallen in love. This is an awesome track with an inspiring touch. It tells a story about a thriving man, getting back up after falling down. Check it out:

Living below the line.

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I stumbled upon this awareness/campaign about living in extreme poverty and a fight against it. Thinking about it made me realize how fortunate and blessed I am with options and things I have in my life. Many people in this world are barely making enough to feed their family. I read on some of their stories and recipes on the website and decided to take on this challenge and attempt to live below the line. The campaign encourages and challenges people to live on £1 a day for food for 5 days (29th of April to the 3rd of May). Just last night, I spent way over £5 just on dinner and I didnt even hesitate. Those who live or have lived in London know that it is definitely going to be tough but I am looking forward to it. Due to the restricted budget, I have to plan my meals and buy my groceries ahead of time. No more eating out for the next 5 days for sure. I went grocery shopping today and bought essential food items that included: rice (yes, Asians love rice), pasta, tomato concentrate, bananas, porridge, mix vegetables and a packet of digestives biscuits as a snack. The total amounted to approximately £4 and I still have a bit to spare to buy some eggs. It was a struggle in the grocery store as there were so many things that I wanted but couldn’t. This made me realized that everything I have been enjoying is such a gift and not given. The money that I am saving from this five days are going straight into my fundraising attempt for my half marathon run for UNICEF. You can help support my efforts by donating as well or you can also challenge yourself to do it!

To find out more information about this campaign, check out this website :

To donate to my fundraising efforts for UNICEF:

Will keep you posted on how it goes!


Oh and a potato too! Hmmm

Ticket to ride

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I never knew that bicycles needed a ticket on the train/metro/whatever you call it in Berlin and found it quite funny. Yes, my bike and I took the train to the forest and we both got lost in there. It was amazing.


If you ever visit Berlin, I would encourage you to make time (a day at least), rent  a bike and go around Grunewald. It is massive and super green (getting green during spring). We rode from the station across the forest to the river. It was so beautiful almost made me tear up cycling down the path. We also came across a big green spot where people were laying naked under the sun. That was definitely a scene.


Travel Food Diary

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Many people remember their travel through their tummy. My roommate is definitely one of them! She was always looking for yummy food around and we definitely satisfied ourselves with some really nice meals during our trip in Prague and Berlin.


One of the yummiest sorbets I have had. It was with sparking champagne and fresh raspberries at U Prince Hotel, Prague. I would recommend this rooftop restaurant if you set foot in Prague.


One of the cutest restaurant we visited in Prague, recommended by two boys that gave us a lift from the airport. It was super cozy inside with decorations everywhere. Food, delicious and filling.


The kebab place on our way home after a night out. I cannot believe I tried a fried cheese sandwich. It was apparently pretty Czech.


We had to try the beer being in Prague. It was said to be the finest in Europe. This specific beer was called the tank beer – free from preservatives. After a sip, I established that I cannot be friends with beers. Hey, at least I tried it.


This place served us one of the best pizzas – recommended by a friend in Berlin. It seems quite busy in there as well so make sure you get there early! Yes, I was very blessed to meet two old friends from California. Image

The waiters decided to take photos of themselves when I gave them my camera. Funny funny. Image

Amanda and I have been craving for good Mexican as we have been deprived of it in London. This little burrito place definitely made us satisfied. If you ever travel to the east of Berlin, you have to check this place out.

Teaching a Californian about tea.

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It is funny where life takes you. This smiley person right here decided to travel around Europe for a month and a half by himself and ended up in London before flying home. Listening to his stories from traveling around definitely made me want to go see those places. Being able to travel is a huge blessing as we are able-bodied, have the financial ability and time.

Of course when he asked about the English culture, I introduced him to afternoon tea at the Orangery. He had his first English scone and English Breakfast tea with sugar and milk. Quite proper, I must say.

If you want to experience an English afternoon tea, I would recommend checking out the Orangery by Kensington Palace. They are nicely priced and very yummy.


A chef’s friend

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They say you should choose your friends as you are influenced by the people around you. I am definitely very blessed to have a chef as my good friend in London. He is always making me yummy food from Malaysian Nasi Lemak to homemade pizza. It was so delicious. Thank you Min 🙂



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A group of us girls headed up to the 40th floor of Heron tower for my lovely friend’s bday brunch. The restaurant has a very modern interior overlooking every corner of London. We were definitely amazed by the view and a little surprise how concrete London looks. I have seen New York city from the empire state building as well. From what I remember, NYC looks a tad bit more beautiful from the top and you could see a big piece of the central park right in the middle of the city. As the marathon was going on yesterday, we could see little red dots running on the tower bridge. We were cheering them on from the top while enjoying our food. such fatties, i know! I could see myself going back at night to have a glass of wine and see London in the dark. The food overall was not extraordinary but the atmosphere was definitely quite nice.

I would highly recommend this place for a date and remind you that reservations are to be made as early as you can!



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Collected throughout my trip. Some from a typical souvenir shop, a random outside market and a local artsy shop in Berlin.