by funnylittlestories

A group of us girls headed up to the 40th floor of Heron tower for my lovely friend’s bday brunch. The restaurant has a very modern interior overlooking every corner of London. We were definitely amazed by the view and a little surprise how concrete London looks. I have seen New York city from the empire state building as well. From what I remember, NYC looks a tad bit more beautiful from the top and you could see a big piece of the central park right in the middle of the city. As the marathon was going on yesterday, we could see little red dots running on the tower bridge. We were cheering them on from the top while enjoying our food. such fatties, i know! I could see myself going back at night to have a glass of wine and see London in the dark. The food overall was not extraordinary but the atmosphere was definitely quite nice.

I would highly recommend this place for a date and remind you that reservations are to be made as early as you can!