Thankful for today.

by funnylittlestories

I woke up this morning to three happy and humbling news. I opened an email with the first donation made to support my run for UNICEF. Ka Fai is one of my oldest family friend who is currently working in Sydney. We have known each other almost 10 years (since we were 15) and first met during a trip to Burma/Myanmar. He has always been a really good friend to me and always supportive in the things I do. Thank you Mr. Jack Kwan Ka Fai! Although we have not met for awhile now, we never fail to keep in touch. In fact, he will be flying here to visit me in December! I am looking forward to us eating at different yummy restaurants and having Sangria on the Spanish coast.


The other two news may not be too exciting for anyone else but myself. I got a good grade and found out my clinical placement for next year. In this graduate course, I have been struggling to achieve and feel like I have been constantly failing (not actually failing my exams). Working hard for something and trying hard but not achieving the results I thrived towards. It has been frustrating and disappointing. Thank god for good friends who have been there to support me and give me hugs. This grade today just gave me some validation 🙂 And the other good news is just that I will be starting my clinical placement next year at the Royal Free Hospital. I am not entirely sure what my job scope is but looking forward to learn more skills in a practical setting.