The city that never sleeps

by funnylittlestories

It is finally the weekend and what is better than to chill out at a bar on the 33rd floor overlooking the city. This paramount bar is pretty cool inside and has a huge selection of drinks. I had a Madeira before we headed out to a club closeby on Canarby street. Friday night is crazy on Oxford street as everyone is out and about drunk or getting wasted. My girls and I on the other hand are just out to have a good night dancing.



We definitely got a really good view from our table. We could see london eye on the left and tower bridge on the right.

On a positive note, I finally completed the 5 days challenge of living below the line. It has been a good inspiring 5 days of my life and I am sure for the rest of the people who did it. Living on a pound a day made me realize the unnecessary things I should not be wasting on and appreciating every single thing I have even more. There were many moments where I could not buy food that I want as basic as an apple or a loaf of bread. It was not easy but my friends have been supportive mentally and that made the challenge more worth while. What I experienced is only a glimpse to how people around the world who are living in extreme poverty. Many times they go hungry not being able to access or afford enough food. I will carry what I have learnt and be more mindful and thankful when I do have food on my plate. There are many ways you and I can help fight against extreme poverty. Many organizations like UNICEF, World vision and other non profits take the active role to help. You can provide monetary support or spread awareness or even take an active volunteer role.

If you would like to donate, you can do so towards my run for UNICEF via the link below or independently:

I believe that a tiny bit of our efforts together can make a huge difference in many lives.