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Fun facts about Amsterdam

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1. You get a little cookie or cake or chocolate with your coffee. Image
2. You can get food from a vending machine of sort. Image
3. People here learn to ride a bike as young as three. Image
4. This sign can be found in the redlight district. Image
5. Smoking weed is frowned upon by the Dutch.



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On the second day in Holland, we took a short trip 30 minutes outside of Amsterdam to a little town, Volendam. We drove pass miles and miles of green fields with black and white cows, horses and sheep. It is funny as I was the only one amazed by that sight. Although it was quite touristy, there were many locals drinking there on a Sunday afternoon and singing karaoke – and I thought that was an Asian activity. haha. It was really fun to see more of Holland. It was apparently a tradition to eat Herring fish raw holding it by its tail but I established that that was not for me. We tried some kibbeling instead and had an ice cream under the sun. IMG_4321ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageOne of my favorite sights of the town. Old dressed in Kimono Japanese ladies eating ice cream.ImageIMG_4416


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Although the city is known for their x-rated entertainment, the triple x sign that you will see everywhere (trash cans, poles, flags etc.) in Amsterdam is actually three vertical St. Andrew’s Crosses. Besides weed and the redlight district, Amsterdam is known as the “Venice of the North”. This was my second time visiting the city and it gave me such a different feel and perspective. A good friend hosted our stay there and I got to meet friends that I have not seen for awhile. Despite the eeky weather, we managed to do some touristy stuff, walked around the city, visited the Anne Frank Museum and basically spent a lot of time in each other’s company. In the three days there, I barely thought about school and just enjoyed my time there fully. We had very little sleep the first and second day there and drugged our bodies up with caffeine (normally I don’t drink coffee but I drank at least a cup a day there!). It did get quite addictive.There were plenty of firsts for me this trip, definitely tried a bunch of things. One of my favorite moments was chilling at a friend’s place, resting on the hammock. That was blissful. I believed that it was the company that made my trip so fun and amazing. Special thank you to Sai and Joris for having us at your apt, Nika for hanging out and Harold for the amazing hammock. miss you all spetterpoepje xx

ImageImageSai on three hours of sleep.ImageImageImageImageImageImage


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This is how it works.

You are young until you are not

You love until you dont

You try until you cant

You laugh until you cry

You cry until you laugh

Everyone must breathe until their dying breath.

Quote of the day

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“If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.” – Woody Allen

When the world is singing, everyone should be dancing

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One of my favorite things about living abroad is sharing stories. Something i have noticed is that everyone wants to be heard but people tend to hear and not listen. When you actually try to listen, you realize you learn so much not only about the person but life experiences in general. And when you are listening, it impacts the other person as you show that he or she matters. I have met really interesting (entirely different backgrounds), genuinely good friends in London. It started over a few bottles of wine to dinners and night outs. They have experienced life completely different from me and each other. Emma is from Romania and Aika is half Brit half Jap born and bred in Japan. We have become good friends fairly quickly over common and uncommon grounds. One aspires to be a lawyer (which I know she will be great) and the other is working towards culinary school (though she already has amazing skills).
Well I should stop as I could go on about them. Just pondering over one of the most fundamental human skills before sleep. Time for bed now. Night world. x


My dad is cooler than yours.

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He has recently started running and hiking. On father’s day, he hiked over 20km to one of the highest peaks in Malaysia. Isn’t he amazing? and soooo cute? Well, he is my daddy 🙂 Super proud of him. I have been very blessed to have someone as inspiring as him in my life. Thank you Lord.

Summer dreams

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I have been yearning to get out, bare feet/hair down and relax. Not having to think about school work. A little treat to keep myself going for now.

Found the cutest little artisan cookie with my elderflower pressed drink.

I mowed the lawn.

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nuff said. 

The water is just a wetter version of the skies.

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Berlin, 2013