by funnylittlestories

There is a fine difference between getting naked and feeling naked. Some people can feel naked without getting naked and some people don’t feel naked getting naked. Okay, this may sound confusing. I promise I am not going in circles. Feeling naked is the uncomfortable feeling as you feel exposed and maybe vulnerable. Getting naked is the action of being naked (not wearing any clothes). There is a bit of excitement in getting naked especially in public. For me, it feels quite freeing. When I was in Germany, a friend and I stumbled upon a nudist area in the forest and we were taken back at first. The experience was bizarre. There were just men and women walking around completely naked with children around. Some were laying down getting some sun, others were eating, doing casual activities. We couldn’t stop giggling and feeling a little silly. It felt a tad bit uncomfortable on my part especially seeing it. We then decided to join the fun and got naked ourselves. We were laughing throughout and had so much fun feeling free. Nobody cared how we looked and everyone was just there. It was amazing not feeling naked while getting naked.