When the world is singing, everyone should be dancing

by funnylittlestories

One of my favorite things about living abroad is sharing stories. Something i have noticed is that everyone wants to be heard but people tend to hear and not listen. When you actually try to listen, you realize you learn so much not only about the person but life experiences in general. And when you are listening, it impacts the other person as you show that he or she matters. I have met really interesting (entirely different backgrounds), genuinely good friends in London. It started over a few bottles of wine to dinners and night outs. They have experienced life completely different from me and each other. Emma is from Romania and Aika is half Brit half Jap born and bred in Japan. We have become good friends fairly quickly over common and uncommon grounds. One aspires to be a lawyer (which I know she will be great) and the other is working towards culinary school (though she already has amazing skills).
Well I should stop as I could go on about them. Just pondering over one of the most fundamental human skills before sleep. Time for bed now. Night world. x