Month: July, 2013

Diet, you don’t exist.

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Even though the sun was playing hide and seek with us today, we still managed to have a chill day at Hyde park with some wine and nibbles. Amazing mix that i have discovered from a friend: red wine plus lemonade (that’s 7up in England). AMAZING. Image

In the evening, we buka puasa with some good friends. Min made yummy nasi lemak for my not-so-malaysian friends. It was their first and they liked it! yum yum.


Celebratory Day

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Just to keep myself accountable, I will start posting my running progress here! I have successfully ran for a week straight! yay! Once a week i will do a long run and today I completed my 5 mile run. Next week Tuesday will be 6 miles!

On a side note, I have recently rediscovered this homemade remedy – barley water. These tiny grains are meant to have many health benefits including cooling the body on a hot summer day. I grew up forced to have a glass or two by my mom and now i am actually enjoying it so much that I have been making it daily. It is apparently not only an Asian drink but the Brits have it sold in bottles as well! Below is my own take on Barley water:

1/2 cup of Barley grains
1.5 liters of water
1 tsp of honey
few drops of lemon juice

Shimmer barley grains with the water for 20-30 minutes and add honey and lemon juice after! Tada!


My eyelashes catch my sweat

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Regina Spektor is one of my favorite artists that I have been dying to see her perform live. Guess who came to England last night? 🙂

Her performance was beautiful and her voice was captivating. She played the piano flawlessly and some of her songs touched my soul. I had goosebumps when she sang Samson. This is when you know you attended an amazing concert. Her songs can be quite controversial but to my surprise, she was actually a soft and really sweet performer. I guess I was expecting more of an attitude from her. Her husband, Jack Dishel from the Only Son band opened the concert and performed their duet together on stage. They are so freaking cute!


Do as the Brits do it

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This tea place was the cutest and super quirky, just the way I like it! Thanks to Min, we got to have English tea by the English coast. 

PS* the brown piece on the plate is this English nibble call bread pudding. and no it was not yummy! Super dense. Definitely not my cup of tea. 

English Coast

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ImageImageImageEnglish houses overlooking the waters. ImageImageImageAren’t they the cutest? I want to be like them when I am old. ImageImageImageImageImageImageYes I may have stalked her for a bit as she was the most adorable granny I have seen! Dont judge me, please. ImageImageImageImageImageA friend and I visited Bexhill on the sea for a concert, about 2 hour train ride from London and decided to make a whole day trip out of it. As neither of us have been to beaches in England, we barely knew what to expect. We expected some rain (it is England) and to see the sunrise. Thankfully, the weather was beautiful in the day. Well a little chilly but manageable. And no, we did not get to see the sun rise as it was grey! Very typical of England. The beach town was a pleasure to explore as it was small and really cute. There were a couple of independent artsy stores and small little cafes. Oh did I mentioned that it is filled with retired old Brits? haha. They were everywhere! You see old couples holding hands walking down the beach, old ladies chilling at the cafe overlooking the waters and some swimming in the sea. It was definitely a Bexhill sight! The waters were not clear or blue but it was extremely calming and relaxing. I really had a good time explore Bexhill and would recommend it over Brighton if you like some place smaller and more chill. On a side note, it was surprisingly comfortable lying on the rocks (as you could probably see that it was not a sandy beach).


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They say it takes 40 days to form a habit. I do enjoy running but struggle to do it daily. After my 10km run, I realized how challenging and fun a race can be. I thought the 10k would be a breeze but it turned out tougher than I’ve anticipated. There were so many factors that made it hard. The heat has to be on top of that list.  I was struggling after the 5k mark and was at my worst at the last 1km. I did finish the race and it sure felt good after! I realized that a race does not just test your physical abilities but rather your mindset and endurance. I have just set myself a new goal and will make running a daily habit. After Sweden, I have been running daily in the morning 2-4 miles at least and will do a long run weekly. It does make it easier now that I am staying across from Hyde park. Most mornings, I wake up feeling great and excited about running while some mornings can be quite challenging. I am attempting to follow the “2 minute rule” to motivate myself daily. if you haven’t heard, check it out right here: Hopefully in 40 days, running would be fully incorporated in my daily activity. 


Cheers to my running group at the British 10km race two weekends ago. 


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Something I noticed in Sweden is that doors open outward. It was quite strange as I am used to opening doors inwards.

Orebro to Stockholm

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Same faces, different places.

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In my (almost) four years in California, I barely saw friends that I know who happen to be in town. Now that I have moved to London and staying in Europe, that has become a common occurrence. I guess that is one of the perks of staying in a big city. Two old friends from San Marcos happened to be in London two weekends ago and we had to meet up. We met up in a pub by the river for drinks and headed to another place for dinner and more drinks with Okeke’s friends. It was fun catching up and seeing where life has taken us all. Both of them still look and behave almost the same (well, maybe just a little older looking).


I also got to meet another old friend (she is Swedish) in Stockholm whom I met in San Marcos. Funny thing is that she is not from Stockholm and just happened to be in town that day. What are the odds? We took the opportunity to catch up over lunch. She and her friend were kind enough to show me around until I had to take the bus to the airport. It was so pleasant to see her, a nice little surprise to my Sweden trip.


Fun facts about Sweden

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1. You can only buy alcohol from this place called the System. Well, only beers are sold in grocery stores. It is strange to find out that Sweden is quite strict with alcohol.

2. 1 Swedish mile is actually 10 kilometer.

3. Converse is trending here. Most people I have met have at least a pair of converse or converse-looking shoes. They wear it with everything including dresses.

4. The 20 Swedish Krn has the depiction of a boy on a bird and the writer, Selma Lagerlof. This is actually from a storybook called ‘The Wonderful Adventure of Nils’. It is a beautiful story about a boy and his adventures on a wild goose traveling throughout the country. If you haven’t heard it, you should check it out!

5. Swedes eat cheese and ham squeezed from a tube. I tried the feta and tomato cheese tube. it was quite yummy, I am not going to lie.