Fun facts about Sweden

by funnylittlestories

1. You can only buy alcohol from this place called the System. Well, only beers are sold in grocery stores. It is strange to find out that Sweden is quite strict with alcohol.

2. 1 Swedish mile is actually 10 kilometer.

3. Converse is trending here. Most people I have met have at least a pair of converse or converse-looking shoes. They wear it with everything including dresses.

4. The 20 Swedish Krn has the depiction of a boy on a bird and the writer, Selma Lagerlof. This is actually from a storybook called ‘The Wonderful Adventure of Nils’. It is a beautiful story about a boy and his adventures on a wild goose traveling throughout the country. If you haven’t heard it, you should check it out!

5. Swedes eat cheese and ham squeezed from a tube. I tried the feta and tomato cheese tube. it was quite yummy, I am not going to lie.