Same faces, different places.

by funnylittlestories

In my (almost) four years in California, I barely saw friends that I know who happen to be in town. Now that I have moved to London and staying in Europe, that has become a common occurrence. I guess that is one of the perks of staying in a big city. Two old friends from San Marcos happened to be in London two weekends ago and we had to meet up. We met up in a pub by the river for drinks and headed to another place for dinner and more drinks with Okeke’s friends. It was fun catching up and seeing where life has taken us all. Both of them still look and behave almost the same (well, maybe just a little older looking).


I also got to meet another old friend (she is Swedish) in Stockholm whom I met in San Marcos. Funny thing is that she is not from Stockholm and just happened to be in town that day. What are the odds? We took the opportunity to catch up over lunch. She and her friend were kind enough to show me around until I had to take the bus to the airport. It was so pleasant to see her, a nice little surprise to my Sweden trip.