by funnylittlestories

They say it takes 40 days to form a habit. I do enjoy running but struggle to do it daily. After my 10km run, I realized how challenging and fun a race can be. I thought the 10k would be a breeze but it turned out tougher than I’ve anticipated. There were so many factors that made it hard. The heat has to be on top of that list.  I was struggling after the 5k mark and was at my worst at the last 1km. I did finish the race and it sure felt good after! I realized that a race does not just test your physical abilities but rather your mindset and endurance. I have just set myself a new goal and will make running a daily habit. After Sweden, I have been running daily in the morning 2-4 miles at least and will do a long run weekly. It does make it easier now that I am staying across from Hyde park. Most mornings, I wake up feeling great and excited about running while some mornings can be quite challenging. I am attempting to follow the “2 minute rule” to motivate myself daily. if you haven’t heard, check it out right here: Hopefully in 40 days, running would be fully incorporated in my daily activity. 


Cheers to my running group at the British 10km race two weekends ago.