English Coast

by funnylittlestories

ImageImageImageEnglish houses overlooking the waters. ImageImageImageAren’t they the cutest? I want to be like them when I am old. ImageImageImageImageImageImageYes I may have stalked her for a bit as she was the most adorable granny I have seen! Dont judge me, please. ImageImageImageImageImageA friend and I visited Bexhill on the sea for a concert, about 2 hour train ride from London and decided to make a whole day trip out of it. As neither of us have been to beaches in England, we barely knew what to expect. We expected some rain (it is England) and to see the sunrise. Thankfully, the weather was beautiful in the day. Well a little chilly but manageable. And no, we did not get to see the sun rise as it was grey! Very typical of England. The beach town was a pleasure to explore as it was small and really cute. There were a couple of independent artsy stores and small little cafes. Oh did I mentioned that it is filled with retired old Brits? haha. They were everywhere! You see old couples holding hands walking down the beach, old ladies chilling at the cafe overlooking the waters and some swimming in the sea. It was definitely a Bexhill sight! The waters were not clear or blue but it was extremely calming and relaxing. I really had a good time explore Bexhill and would recommend it over Brighton if you like some place smaller and more chill. On a side note, it was surprisingly comfortable lying on the rocks (as you could probably see that it was not a sandy beach).