Let me catch my breath

by funnylittlestories

I just turned in my final assignment on Monday and finally have some breathing time again! It is strange and sometimes uneasy to have nothing due and nothing much planned. At this point, I am learning to appreciate this empty and quiet time to myself. I am resisting to plan ahead too much and put too much on my schedule (though I do have a bunch of videos to transcribe before flying home). I slept in today and ran around the big beautiful Hyde park/Kensington Garden (about 5.2 miles) after. May have done some baking. Nothing beats some freshly baked banana bread for tea and breakfast tomorrow. I may take a book to the park to read before work this evening. People should learn how to appreciate and take quiet time for themselves. It is so important to listen to your body and spend some quality time with yourself. 



I may have also taken a bite from my little banana muffin. Well, someone has got to try it right?