It is finally love.

by funnylittlestories

I have been enjoying my time here in London, especially in the summer. I am not going to lie but winter was quite harsh. I was feeling a little bitter about moving to London and leaving my sunny sweet California and Malaysia. Well, it isn’t too bad now. It sounds strange but I think I am appreciating the sun and the summer time even more after winter. Everyone goes out on a sunny day, you see people start wearing summer dresses, beautiful floral scarfs (which I am really into recently), drinking outside, having a picnic in the park, and the list goes on. I guess what is even more exciting and wonderful is how London glows under the sun. I never felt this way about a city (I usually fall in love with trees or the ocean or somewhere wild and natural).

I think I may have fallen in love with London.

Let me tell you the story. Some friends and I decided to treat ourselves to a girly night and enjoyed yummy food and drinks on a rooftop place by London Bridge. It was really chill and fun, like always with those girls. We talked about everything and laughed over a bottle of wine. After, we sat outside and had some drinks and breeze. The open terrace overlooks the shard (the tallest building in the UK) and some parts of the city including the london eye. We then took a short bus ride to meet another friend of mine in an upcoming part (still a bit rough) of London, Dalston. Neither of us have been there but decided to be more adventurous and explore somewhere new. On the bus is where I got enlightened, if you must say. the bus drove pass the financial distinct of London, and it went through shoreditch, the artsy bit and to the more rough-looking bit. It made me realized how beautiful and wonderfully rich London is as a city. It contains so many people and stories. It was strange as I was falling in love sitting in the bus absorbing all these scenes in my head. Oh London, you are mesmerizing. I love you. x

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