A little bit of fun

by funnylittlestories

As I will be flying home in less than a week, i have tons to do. One which is to finish transcribing videos for my research project. It is extremely tedious and time consuming but I am convincing myself that the results will be interesting and promising. I ended up transcribing since 8 in the morning till 2ish in the afternoon. I then decided that that is the most I could transcribe in a day. i am going to have to be realistic with myself. I am pretty pleased with my progress as this dissertation is due next summer.

Anyways to the next bit of fun. A friend and I were meant to check out a film screening on a rooftop bar but ended up in a artisan garden pub’s acoustic night. It turned out super fun and inspiring. Three folk bands performed and particularly the second was my favorite. They make you wanna dance on your feet to their beat. It was great. As it was quite indie, they sold fresh homemade pizza cooked in an old school fire place. It was funny as I suggested rosemary, they decided to go to the garden and pick up some rosemary for the pizza. It was extremely yummy and fresh. The vibe there was good and everyone was there to have a good time. I would definitely come back for more. and maybe check out the film screening some other time too!
If you are in town, check this place out: http://dalstongarden.org/?p=4684

IMG_5453 IMG_5454 IMG_5455
Sunflowers my favorite kind.
IMG_5456 IMG_5458
Around east London, there are these cute creatures around. It is adorable. IMG_5461 IMG_5463
Thats the old school oven the pizzas were cooked in.IMG_5465 IMG_5468 IMG_5470 IMG_5476 IMG_5477