by funnylittlestories

I showed a friend from Malaysia to an English breakfast in Hyde park early Sunday morning and a light stroll around South Kensington (one of the posh-areas in London). We walked along the high street and passed by Harrods and some nice shops. As it was Sunday, the shops only open at 12 and close relatively early, at 6pm. Sunday is definitely not a good day to bring tourists around as more people are out and hours are shorter. Though I think he enjoyed looking around and getting a good feel of the city! We chatted and walked over an hour. We chatted about how uncommon it is for Malaysians and Singaporeans to walk this much as most people drive everywhere! And this is definitely a true fact! However, there may be legit reasons why Malaysians and Singaporeans do not walk as much (e.g. the extremely humid weather).

It was overall a good time. I believe you can never go wrong with a nice breakfast and a good stroll in London for a tourist!