Home is where the heart is.

by funnylittlestories

After 13 hours of being in the sky, I finally got back home. It has been almost a year since my last visit and it is great to see my family again. My dad couldn’t stop talking about his recent hikes, runs and new workouts while my mom is constantly asking what I want to eat. They are both super sweet. I also finally get to see my lovely grandpa. Like most Asian families that I know, grandparents play an important role in the family. They hold the entire extended family together and they make festivals so much more fun! Of course, that includes being pampered with yumminess as my grandpa is such a big foodie! I gave him the biggest and tightest hug and we talked about breakfast during dinner. Yes we are going for a big breakfast tomorrow 😉 If someone were to ask me about one important fact in Malaysia, I’d say food. Be warn as you will probably see a series of food photos next. 

Well I should probably hit the sack now as I will have to be up early to run! Finally in my cozy bed with my teddy. night world x