Three little pots.

by funnylittlestories

London had a really rough late night and early morning. Weather forecast predicted a threatening storm and Londoners everywhere were preparing for its arrival yesterday. Well, maybe I should have as well. I woke up this morning to my kitchen window opened wide and leaves scattered on the floor. I should have. You see, where I came from in Malaysia, storms are not a rare occasion. Malaysians know the different kinds of storm, how it moves and the rumbling thunder.

It is funny. I woke up groggily to the big storm. I wanted to say hello but my body was too tired and heavy to get up. My baby assessment in the morning was cancelled for the storm and it gave me a reason to have a lie in. I love sleeping through heavy rains. It feels comforting when you are inside, cuddled under the blankets. My window was completely fogged up. It was white and blurry. I could hear the rustling winds from my bed. It was louder than the streets that I have been woken up to. I wished I had woken up to see the happenings outside but my eyelids had a mind of its own and decided to rest.

When I finally woke up, I saw rays of sunlight through my blinds. I knew the storm has left London. Some people say, ‘after the storm comes a calm’. I slowly got up and lifted up the blinds. London seems to be back to normal, almost like nothing had happened. There were working people on the streets, the canal by my apt is calm, the red buses are moving and the sun is shining.

I felt like I missed out and was a little jealous of the flowers on my window seal. The three little pots must have witnessed every bit of this event.