On the road

by funnylittlestories

An early morning allowed me to experience the first impressions of London. It was drizzling and a bit grey, It has been for the past week. I wore my green parka as it is the only jacket I have with a hoodie. And it is cozy. I usually have baby assessments in the lab on Mondays but we have to travel 2 hours outside of London to see a family today. I could feel my eyes feeling a little sleepy and my heart beating a bit quicker. I always get excited to be on the road, especially in the train. It is a strange period. You want to go from place 1 to place 2 but in between, you are in a period where you are just waiting. Most people read a book, listen to music or do something they enjoy to pass time. My supervisor and I chatted for a bit and soon, I realized that we have left London. There were fields of green, yellow and brown. I could see white fluffs on the big wide fields. I take it that they are sheep. I have always wondered about petting a sheep but was told that it is not fluffy and soft, rather rough actually. It would be nice to stay in a cottage somewhere over a weekend to experience England in a completely different way and I allowed myself to dream a little. I have been staying in the city for the pass few months and sometimes I forget how liberating it is to see the countryside. It was beautiful.