Out and about

by funnylittlestories

My weekly 9 to 5 school schedule at this moment is definitely giving me a taster of how work life is going to be. Although busy, I do enjoy every bit of the hospital work. It is such an exciting experience and such a privilege to be sitting in the room with the clinicians listening to so many different, at times really difficult stories. Reading the cases, sitting across from the family and clients made me realized the subtle power that I hold. It is definitely important to be mindful of that. Besides the boring work life, I have also realized the importance of doing activities outside work to relax and socialize. Though it is harder to organize sometimes (especially now that my finals are in a week!). I feel completely drained if I don’t explore somewhere new or make time to socialize. A little bit of fun is essential.

A little bit of camwhoring on the way to a friend’s bday.IMG_6611 IMG_6637 IMG_6648 IMG_6651 IMG_6654 Hanging out with few of my fav people in the world.IMG_6657My long craving for pho has finally been satisfied with Aika! it was massive and so yummy!