Brussel Sprouts

by funnylittlestories

There are IN this season! Best roasted with parsnips and other root vegetables. Anyways, this post has nothing to do with that. It is a compilation of my time in Brussels and Leuven. I am being silly.

Both Brussels and Leuven are really old and unique in their way. Brussels in particular is packed with tourists (maybe just this time of the year). There is a really beautiful square that is listed in the world heritage list. If you were there, you would know why. The architecture is incredible and very detailed. The big fat Christmas tree right in the middle does make it more romantic as well. We strolled around and walked along the Christmas stalls.

Few main things to highlight:

1. I had a belgium waffle and it was amazing, might be the dark chocolate drizzle on top

2. Belgium beer actually taste alright after a couple, I don’t remember the taste.

3. This little peeing boy statue is one of the main attractions of Brussels but I don’t really know why. He gets dressed up in different outfits throughout the year too! As it was HIV awareness week, he was dressed in a knitted condom. cute.

4. Belgium fries not french fries. Don’t follow my foot steps.

5. Beer was 1 euro.