Christmas Came Early

by funnylittlestories

Roasted turkey is almost what Christmas is about. Two good friends and I hosted a Xmas dinner this weekend and had some friends over. I am lucky that two of them are chefs and all I had to worry about was deciding between what fake meat to eat. We started cooking at about noon and only started eating a little pass 6 in the evening. They say cooking is part of the fun of hosting dinners. It really is. We nibbled while cooking and finished 3 and a half bottles of red wine. It was nice to have everyone there and warm to share so much food together. I am really thankful for good friends, laughs and thank God for my roasted chick’n.


Min decorated the Christmas tree and made it so pretty!


Pigs and Blankets/ Pigs in blankets?, something apparently really English


Our 6kg Turkey was done in an hour!


sad day for Vegetarians.


After popping a yummy Moet and Chandon, it was finally dinner time!