Finishing 2013.

by funnylittlestories

This year has been nothing but eventful and a great learning curve for me. One of the most challenging and enjoyable activities I find is traveling. It is both anxiety provoking and exciting. I will be pushing myself bit further by traveling for 15 days straight with a good friend this year. Finishing 2013 in Spain and starting the new year in France. Not gonna lie, I have a million thoughts in my head of possible things that could go wrong. I am nervous. I am interrailing and have little booked for the second leg of the trip. I am also giddy and really excited to see what this trip beholds. I will definitely have to learn to adapt and be flexible throughout. I am praying that all goes well, smooth and God will keep a close eye on the two of us. A toast to 15 days away from my bed and bathrobe!

For the next 15 days, I will find something inspiring daily to write about and share.