Day 2 – Dining options

by funnylittlestories

I have been told that Madrid is a big city and can be boring with rude people. From walking around today, I found it quite the opposite. I love the balconies on every building, the long wooden doors that opens from it, people were generally helpful when you ask them for directions. In fact, this old Spanish lady was trying to have a conversation with me about the cold weather even though she knew I couldn’t speak Spanish. Gestures are pretty universal, thank god! One important lesson I’ve learned today about eating. I asked a cafe barista for vegetarian options and he referred me to a sandwich with tons of veggies and, tuna. I smiled awkwardly and asked for the croissant instead. Having dietary restriction does make it harder to travel and enjoy the culture fully especially in a country like Spain. They have really good seafood options and chorizo. I just have to a bit more careful while still making sure I am enjoying other local cuisines that I can have. Fun fact, there are apparently different prices for different seating in the restaurant. The prices ranging lowest at the bar to table seating and terrace. It isn’t much, about 40 cents to a euro difference. Just something I have found quite interesting. In addition, some restaurants also start serving food about 8pm onwards. This goes in line with the culture of eating dinner really late. I was told that it is common to have dinner at 11 in some families.