Day 1 – Unforeseen circumstances

by funnylittlestories

The first day of this 15 days trip started quite dramatically. The storm in London has caused severe delays in trains to the airport, power supply outage in gatwick north terminal and massive delays with flights. We were lucky/unluckily one of the many affected. We camped in gatwick for 8 hours before the flight was able to take off causing us to miss our second flight to Madrid, sleeping in the airport (last train to city had gone), taking another train to Madrid the following day. To say the least, it was long and hectic. You cannot imagine. Fortunately, we were both completely calm (to an extent) and very quickly learned to adapt to our situation! One of the most important skills to acquire at the beginning of this trip. We got here to Madrid alright and now really happy, actually excited to poop and take a shower! I am glad things worked out fine and happy to explore more. Although a bit rough, it was part of traveling and I am happy to have spent it with jack.

After many hours in airports, he still smiles!