Day 3 – Flame colored

by funnylittlestories

Flamenco can also mean the bird flamingo. Kf and I decided that we have to go to a show and experience this old rhythmic dance originated from Andalusia, southern Spain. After binging in the San miguel market for tapas and sangria (2euros sangria whoop whoop), we booked ourselves for the 10.30pm show. The show welcomed a male guitarist and two other singers before introducing the 4 dancers of the night. Each of the dancers took the stage individually accompanied by the singers and guitarist. I personally found the guitarist really charming when he played. The sound of the guitar was so beautiful and enchanting. The dancers moved their bodies with a touch of flamboyance, had little expressions on their faces and high energy taps on the wooden stage. I really enjoyed it, especially with the glass of sangria. I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Madrid.

Side note, a sad story to share. I got pickpocketed today on the streets of Madrid. They were so quick and it happened right in front of me and my friend. I am not gonna lie, it is quite a skill. I was feeling a lil bummed and shocked about it happening but was comforted with a bag of candies after.