Day 4 – Student budget

by funnylittlestories

There are plenty of perks traveling as a student. One of them being resourceful. There are free walking tours in almost every big cities and we took advantage of it in Madrid. This sweet Mexican tour guide showed us around the old bits of Madrid, sharing little stories of each sight. It was definitely helpful as it provided us with a context of the place. It made Madrid more meaningful. E.g. I found of that Galileo helped design a statue of king Phillip IV in front of the opera house.
In addition, I got free admission to this amazing old Spanish museum – museum of prado just because of my student card (this card previously hasn’t gotten me further than entry to the ucl library). This museum is one of the oldest, built in early 1800s. They have a collection of many famous Spanish painters such as Goya, Cano and Valezquez. It was so massive that after 2.5 hours, we had only finished walking through level 1. There are about 2 floors and a bit. It was really pretty inside but I did get bored after looking through so many portraits of royal family. They were all a bit chubby, white and dressed in fluffy thick clothing. What caught my attention was a collection of black paintings by Goya. They are fairly dark and mellow, depicting greed, fear of power loss, death and so on. It was quite refreshing to see paintings of such as it is quite rare and daring for the painter to do so.
I personally think it doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive to travel but a bit more thinking and planning around traveling will help me travel more and hopefully, further.