Day 5 – Step by step

by funnylittlestories

Most of this trip has been us taking a step at a time. I have learnt to not plan too far in advance leaving room for cool things to happen. Well, it has worked out pretty well so far. We have left our plans for each day relatively flexible. Today, we got to dine in one of the oldest restaurants in the world. It has been around longer than my great great great grandparents. Yes, pretty old. It claims to be the oldest but rated by times as the third most classic restaurants in the world. The food was pretty yummy and fairly Michelle friendly. It was definitely a side track from our plan to leave for Barcelona at noon. I am glad we didn’t. I really enjoyed Madrid and was a bit sad to leave but excited to embark on our next adventure.
I am writing this post while chilling on the sofa in the hostel lounge. This is the first time jack is staying in a hostel (yay jack!) and my second. It has turned out to be fairly cool. It is in a nice area and the hostel is really well established. I did get quite overwhelmed when I first arrived in Barcelona. The hostel is located on a shopping high street of big brands like St Laurent, Prada etc and screams tourist. I am personally not a fan. We ended up strolling around, well more of getting lost in the gothic quarter (super cool with small alleys) looking for a tapas bar and a cool spot to hang out. Our night ended with us stumbling upon the barcelona cathedral lit up beautifully under the crescent moonlight. It was magnificent looking.

I am thankful for a sunny day today.