Day 6 – Columbus sailed for Spain

by funnylittlestories

There is a statue of Christopher Columbus pointing to the sea at the end of Las Ramblas commemorating his first voyage to the Americas, as was told by our tour guide. I personally haven’t seen it yet but will do tomorrow or the day after! We took a walking tour today and was told so many interesting and beautiful stories of Barcelona or rather Catalonia, land of the brave and proud. It did make the city feel more alive. We walked everywhere and headed towards the port as the sun sets. As we got closer to the Atlantic ocean, I fell in love with Barcelona completely. It has been awhile since I have encountered the waters. I could feel slight ocean breeze touching my face, hear the soft waves crashing on the sand, see the beautiful blue waters while standing on the wooden walkway by the beach front. The sun sets and leaves the clear sky with shades of yellow, orange and dark blues. Standing there brought back memories of California where I’ve spent all day in Oceanside soaking up the sun. It felt amazing to be closer to that bit of my memory again.

It has been decided. I will be extending my stay in Barcelona and spending an afternoon on the beach.