Day 11 – Security

by funnylittlestories

Traveling to nice and in nice, one thing that stood out to me is feeling safe. In both Madrid and Barcelona, we were both constantly warned and careful about pickpockets. I was consistently checking on my wallet and phone walking through La Rambla. After what had happened to me in Madrid, we had an underlying sense of anxiety while exploring the city. It wasn’t a bad thing. Just something you have to do to be cautious. As we got to nice, we were still careful and quickly sense the city to be a safer place. I was able to walk around without holding on to my wallet in my pocket. I took out my cash in public. Just a little things that you are able to do feeling secure in a new place. I figured that Paris will probably be similar to big cities like Madrid and Barcelona. I am enjoying nice and thankful to have two quiet secure days here. It is nice in nice.