Day 12 – bedtime stories

by funnylittlestories

Sometimes I am afraid to fall asleep. Especially being on an exciting journey fearing that I may miss out on important events. As I lay on the bed in a moving train looking to the window, I think about the beautiful bowl I bought in the afternoon at a French local market. It was yellow with blue rims and has a flower inside. I was excited when I got it, holding it close to me under the umbrella as it was pouring in Nice. I am a little upset at myself for losing it. I allowed myself to be sad for a bit but realized that maybe it wasn’t meant to be mine and hopefully someone else will find it handy. It was a pretty bowl. It is 9.43 at night as I am writing. We have almost 10 hours more before we get to Paris. We are finally at the last leg of our trip. I must say, it has been a blessing to have my family friend and also to have traveled this far. I have dreamed of interrailing in europe but never imagined myself to be able to carry out with it. I have traveled 12 days straight in a bag pack on train rides. Just like any other adventures, it had its ups and downs. There were moments where I doubted myself especially in that long wait at gatwick airport , thinking maybe I should have just stayed at home or that moment in madrid where I got pick pocketed. I am really thankful for everything that has happened and how everything fell into its place. I got to walk all over madrid stumbling upon beautiful buildings and sights, drink sangria for 2 euros, be amazed by the flamenco dancers, enjoyed a picnic on the hill overlooking Barcelona, blown away by gaudi’s mind, have a fresh baguette in avignon and cooked fresh Italian ravioli for dinner in Nice. Now for the last bit of the trip, I am hoping for more events to add to my little compartment in my brain and heart.