Day 13 – Bramare

by funnylittlestories

It means to yearn for in italian. I came across this word in a book I have recently bought. I have this strong feeling to want to feel alive. People do crazy things to make themselves feel real. While I travel, I look for little things to give me the same effect and experiences that will touch my heart. After a long morning (bit rough on the night train), we dropped our luggage and walked towards the local markets in Paris. Paris glows a bit in the early morning, dark skies. We treated ourselves to a croissant each and watch the city slowly wake up. I have previously only spent a day in Paris with my best friend and I am really excited to see it again for a few more days. The city is quite fascinating. Although we have both seen the Eiffel tower, we decided to walk there from our hotel by Luxembourg park to at least have a picture. To be quite honest, I was not impressed previously. This time, we challenged ourselves to hike up all the stairs to the second level. As I was climbing up the hundred steps, I noticed different bits in the tower and realized the beauty from within. It is quite an amazing structure with so much thought and work put together by Gustave Eiffel and the builders. From the top, I was overwhelmed and stuck by the view of Paris. It is truly a beautiful city.