Day 14 – 感慟, 震撼

by funnylittlestories

There are some words that cannot be translated in English, usually words that describe feelings. The two Mandarin words listed could potentially translate to something touching or something that shakes your system. I have been feeling that way all day walking in Paris. Particularly so in Shakespeare and co. Antiquarian bookshop. I do not know about the history of the bookshop but felt as though I know it from walking inside on the wooden floors, touching the chipped white painted window frame, sitting on the green laid back chair reading a book. It was so beautiful, I almost teared. The bookshop is beautifully, messily laid out with books at every corner as you walk into the entrance. There are 1 euro postcards of the bookshop by the door that tempted me to get one (which I did). If you love the scent of new and old books, this would be heaven on earth for you. I walked towards the back and found a set of stairs at the corner where it led to a small library upstairs. The first thing that caught my eyes was the children’s books in the hallway. There is a small area where two little girls were looking at a colorful book. The hallway continues with two entrances to two small cozy reading rooms where my friend and I spent a little over an hour reading a book from the shelves. There are so much love and little details put at every corner of the place. I believe I could write a story about my experience in the bookshop if I wanted to. I am extremely contented to have spent my last night in Paris this way.



Side note, taking photos are not allowed inside but my friend sneakily took a photo!