Day 15 – Home

by funnylittlestories

I am laying in bed thinking how wonderful to have completed 15 days of traveling to new cities and revisiting Paris. I have actually managed to survive in a small/medium sized bag pack with less than 10 outfits. Thinking back to packing, I had to think really hard about what was necessary and only packed what I needed that could fit inside. That process really showed me how little I needed and how much I have that is additional and a blessing. At the end of the day, I am a girly girl who enjoys a bit of shopping. I think that is perfectly alright.
What really struck me was how glad I felt to be home when the train arrived at Kings cross platform. It was great. I was excited to be on the dusty tube (if you ever try to clean your nose after a tube ride or two, you will noticed black dust inside. Yes, gross I know!), excited to hear the British accent, happy to open the door to my flat and thrilled to take a shower in my bathroom! It was blissful. As much as I have enjoyed this trip, I am glad to be home in London.