25 New Year’s Resolutions

by funnylittlestories

1. Feed my brain: read a book a month

2. Happiness is being grateful for little things

3. Run 3-4 times a week (not only the first month)

4. Run more races. (Did 4 last year, aim to complete 5 )

5. Eat better, feel healthier

6. No guilty eating: will not feel bad for finishing a tub of ice cream

7. Shop less, experience more (I do not need 100 dresses but I may want it)

8. Feed the bug: travel or explore somewhere new once a month

9. Once a month no screen day (avoid phone and computer)

10. Weekly painting session

11. Sing more in the bathroom

12. Have a good breakfast daily

13. Play more

14. Be better at sticking to schedules or new year resolutions

15. Publish one paper

16. Learn to give more and take kindly

17. Do something charitable monthly

18. Hike a mountain

19. Write more as a means of expression

20. Apply lotion and lip balm more often, my skin will thank me in a few years

21. Reduce frequency of sleeping with contact lens (my eyes hate it)

22. Be inspired: visit more museums

23. Get closer to God: Read the bible

24. Pray for world peace or do something about it

25. Love more, hate less.