Weekend in London

by funnylittlestories


London has been so sunny and beautiful over this weekend. Londoners are being bit skeptical saying that this is before the snow storm hits but I am feeling quite optimistic about the sun staying around, till next fall at least. I am barely using my thick black coat that I bought in Zara, Spain, though I am not entirely over wearing it. Although it was a packed weekend, I had a lot of fun especially celebrating a coursemate’s bday. She always looks so stunning even more so on her bday. She made a lot of food for us and catered to my dietary needs. We ate from 8 and did not have our main course till 10 pass 11 at night! There were some dancing and drinking in between courses. It was a super yummy and fun night ended with three cakes (2 ice cream cakes and a banoffie pie Hina and I made). yum.