Day 6 – self recovery/rediscovery journey

by funnylittlestories

The weekend has been a nice success following the guidelines. There were many moments where I had to choose between bumming at home or going out and exploring different places or meeting people. Three out of three days, I have managed to decide on the latter. I reconnected with my ukulele and jammed with some newly met friends on a Friday night, I explored little India with my Minolta and participated in the deepavali festive, I picked up a new workout, Muay Thai to be exact and had a ball of fun and sweat. Lastly, Sunday evening was spent in good company talking, eating and singing to the ukulele.

Having a good enjoyable weekend, I am starting to remember why I have moved from cities to cities. During the early stages of a transition, I have managed (in the past few moves) to challenge myself and opened up myself to different situation. Allowing oneself to be in discomfort is to allow growth to take place. It hasn’t been easy but I am trusting in the process and letting God take the lead.