Making new memories

by funnylittlestories

There are certain time of the year that reminds you of a particular time, place or person that has made a difference in your life. When I am at a race, the smell of people’s sweat, anxiety and adrenaline makes me think of a good friend who has supported me throughout my first half marathon. During this time last year, I have made really fond memories of pumpkin carving with someone close to my heart.

Some people rely on memories to keep going in life. Some people choose to make new ones. At this moment, I am aware that I am thinking of the past but also careful not to live in it. Reflecting on this, I am allowing myself to think, feel and act. With the intention not to replace old memories but to make many more of the similar event.

Hence, I shall be carving some big juicy pumpkin with an old friend this week while cooking up something nice in the kitchen!