Day 11 – Life talk

by funnylittlestories

I have had a really good week and realized that what has made it good was having good conversations with friends. Less boy talk, more life talk. Trying to keep to my guidelines šŸ™‚
To highlight some of the conversations, a particular friend whose mother started an orphanage in Pakistan a couple of years back. She is now a mama to 130 over boys who have experienced traumatic losses in life. They are able to converse, write in English as well as looking all smiley in photos! It is amazing. Her goal and only wish is to have one of the boys getting a full ride to study abroad with the belief that that boy will come back and make amazing changes to the country. Listening to this, I was overwhelmed by her love and moved by her vision. Moreover, it sparked a fire in me. I feelĀ passionate about children with special needs and I want to make changes to the education system for these children in Malaysia. It got thinking near and far about how I would be able to get there and what changes I want to see. Everything needs to be more concrete for I then can work towards. I am considering taking my PhD at my work place but also wondered about other possibilities if I don’t. I will definitely need to speak with someone who has experience in this field to be able to make better decisions. I am also constantly praying on this matter. Hopefully, I will be guided to where I should be going.